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Kirsten Dunst attends the The Two Faces Of January New York premiere on September 17, 2014.

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mulder and scully + hands

"One of the things that keeps people watching and keeps the aliveness between us are those moments where there is that intimacy. Where even just the touch of a hand can be the same as making love in another series." - Gillian Anderson 

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17.09.14. - top 30 favourite billie piper pics - {17/30}

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"This is beautiful!" — A mesmerized interviewer

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So true.

My darling Nadezhda… This year has been hard. Your uncle, Anatoli — In the fall, I noticed he was starting to forget things. Now he’s…it’s like he’s not there anymore.When we were children he was the smartest one in the family. Good at math. Good at everything. After you left, I saw him much more. And now…well — I miss you so much. I’m sure it’s hard for you to hear over and over how much I miss you, but it’s the truth. You always did insist on the truth. They brought me a picture of you this year, with your children. I look at it every day. You look happy Nadezhda. I know I’ll never meet them, but knowing you have them…that makes me happy. They are my family too…

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Best of Schmidt → 4×01 The Last Wedding

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